Traditional hemorrhoidectomy is probably the most intensive surgery and likely used if you face a mix of severe external and category four internal hemorrhoids. During the operation the hemorrhoids and enlarged internal veins are cut out and removed.


The wounds left by the removal may be sutured (stitched) together (closed technique) or left open (open technique). The results with both techniques are similar.

A proctoplasty, which extends the removal of tissue higher into the anal canal so that redundant or prolapsing anal lining also is removed, is sometimes performed in addition.

Post surgical pain is a major problem with hemorrhoidectomy, and potent pain medications (narcotics) usually are required.

The recovery time is lengthily and after surgery complications may occur. Bacterial infections, bleeding as well as muscle damage in the anal canal are most common. The weakened muscle can lead to unintended flatulence and defecation.

While desperation, severe discomfort and pain may lead you to have a hemorrhoidectomy conducted, the consequences could be even more uncomfortable.

In all cases of hemorrhoids, externally and internally the most important things to accomplish is the reduction of the inflamed tissue, as well as promoting blood flow to and from the affected veins. This can easily be accomplished by making slight changes to your diet, light exercise and the application of the remedies described on this website.

The key is not to be extreme, but to remain consistent. The longer you have had symptoms of hemorrhoids, the longer it will take for them to go away.

None of the medical or surgical solutions will cure hemorrhoids in the same way than you can accomplish it with the methods described in my eBook.

The "cure" must happen from within, you need to learn and understand the root of the problem first in order to be able to change unhealthy habits and avoid reoccurring cases of hemorrhoids entirely.

Hemorrhoidectomy can be avoided the earlier your act on educating yourself about the condition. Don't wait until you can't bear the pain anymore. Regardless if your symptoms are mild or already severe, the ebook will help you to find relieve and cure your hemorrhoids for good.



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