horse chestnut


Horse Chestnut also known as conker tree is a tree which can grow up to 36 m tall, its leafs after fallen, create a distinct horse shoe shape. The fruits which are green and spiky will fall off after they have ripened. The spiky shell can be removed which lets a brown glossy core appear, called conker, with a white scare at the bottom. The inner part of the core is most commonly known as a natural ingredient to make soap or shampoo.

The horse chestnut tree is native to South East Europe and widely cultivated in parks and streets.

While the produced herb of the horse chestnut tree has several medical uses, for the purpose of healing hemorrhoids we are using it to,


1. increase circulation in the veins

2. strengthen the walls of the blood vessels

3. heal chronic venous insufficiency (inability of the veins to return oxygen poor blood, causing swelling, local inflammation, thickening and itching).