SclerotherapyOnce initial treatment with creams and inflammatory medication has failed, one of the oldest forms of hemorrhoid treatment is Sclerotherapy.

Varicose Veins are dysfunctional blood vessels were the blood flow to or from the vessel is interrupted (Watch the video below)

During the procedure a chemical liquid (usually phenol or quinine urea), is injected in the base of the internal hemorrhoid. Thus inflicting inflammation and ultimately cause the vein to thrombose. The chemical eventually causes the vein to collapse and scare tissue will develop.  

The procedure may cause severe pain right after injection, but will usually succumb the next day. 

Sclerotherapy is not a guarantee that the hemorrhoids do not reappear. Several applications may have to be administered and a complete healing will not always take place.

Whether the symptoms of hemorrhoids will return depends on the immune system of your body, your lifestyle and food intake. Once you had a real bad episode of hemorrhoids they may return frequently or wont even heal, regardless of any prior successful treatment through Sclerotherapy.

At this point doctors often recommend a rubber band ligation in order to eradicate thrombosed hemorrhoid tissue. This procedure is described in more detail here.

You may want to take a close look to the causes of hemorrhoids and make simple adjustments to your diet and lifestyle in order to have your hemorrhoids cured successfully and long lasting.

As an initial treatment option Sclerotherapy may help you to find relieve temporarily. It all depends on the severity of the symptoms and the amount of time before you decided to start any treatment. As initial pain is oftentimes easy to tolerate and may also be easily confused with a simple tear or fissure, particularly man tend to wait to long before they administer any kind of home remedy or initiate a doctors visit.

Once inflammation and thrombosis increases Sclerotherapy may not be a suitable treatment option anymore. The earlier you treat, the more successful the chances of healing will be.


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