witch hazel


Witch Hazel is a plant / scrub that grows naturally in the area of Nova Scotia, Canada to the southern parts of Texas and Florida. Its most known uses are for a variety of skin related conditions.

For the purpose of treating hemorrhoids we apply witch hazel externally for the following reasons.


1. It's soothing properties, reducing swelling and irritation of the skin

2. The astringent properties (contracting and shrink body tissue)





Written by Peter von Boeck

The author is a Miami Florida resident. After 20 years of having to deal with hemorrhoids on and off and eventually having them permanently, he decided to once and for all find a cure for this painful and also embarrassing condition. Through intensive research he discovered, studied and applied a variety of natural ingredients, leading to a complete cure. He now established this website to offer you the right tools to restore your health and be freed of hemorrhoids as well.