Causes of Hemorrhoids

Precise causes of hemorrhoids remain unclear and have not exactly been researched.

Although hemorrhoids are rarely a life threatening condition, they can be a reoccurring and painful intrusion.

The medical society has a most plausible theory about the origins for this disorder.

The body has to consistently pump blood to the veins and back to the heart. Thus making it difficult to reach narrow and tiny veins, particularly due to a lack of moving and exercise. This can oftentimes be observed through cold hands or feet, as the body will always focus on distributing blood to the most important organs first.

Gravity makes it harder to have oxygen poor blood pumped back to the heart, causing a condition named chronic venous insufficiency, often appearing in legs. Some people believe hemorrhoids are a cost of us being upright creatures.

Additional causes of hemorrhoids include a weakness in connective tissue, (responsible to keep the hemorrhoids in place) as we are getting older, causing them to bulge out and prolapse. By the mid age about 50 percent of the population has to deal with either of the symptoms.

Unhealthy eating habits and being overweight can cause chronic constipation, requiring excessive straining throughout a bowl movement.

The unusual and constant pressure as well as prolonged sitting on the toilet bowl, trigger’s an interruption and strangling of the anal blood vessels.

Eventually instigating thrombosis of the veins, causing them to ultimately collapse.

This also explains why hemorrhoids are so common in pregnant woman, when the enlarging uterus presses against the sphincter muscle.

Final causes of hemorrhoids are shown in recent studies. Patients with hemorrhoids seem to have a higher resting anal canal tone, meaning the smooth muscle of the anal canal tends to be tighter than average (even when not straining). In this case, constipation ads to the pressure on the muscles of the sphincter.

Every day stress and emotional anxiety as well as the inability to let go are also factors to consider.

Most of the reasons above can be eliminated by making slight changes to your everyday lifestyle. It is definitely worth it if you want to be completely cured from your hemorrhoids. Read more about it in the eBook.


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