While this site recommends hemorrhoids treatment in an alternative holistic and natural way, there are several treatment options available which are described here. Internal as well as external hemorrhoids have a variety of medical treatment options, usually starting with over the counter creams and ointments. In many not severe cases this is a sufficient solution.

The more you will have hemorrhoids the more likely will the severity and longevity be. A medical doctor will after examination often prescribe an anti inflammatory as well as a vasoconstrictor medication to assist the veins to contract.

If this first aid treatment of the hemorrhoids does not succeed, further examination of the anal and intestinal tract hemorrhoids treatmentmay be conducted to make sure that more severe sicknesses like anal or colon cancer can be excluded.

The Doctor may inject a chemical into the inflamed veins (Sclerotherapy), which may work, but in many cases only gives relieve temporarily. I personally know someone who had hemorrhoids treatment like that for a year and she was not able to get comfort until she started the alternative treatment option, which we describe in detail in our eBook.

After exploring all non-invasive methods a rubber band litigation or laser treatment can be the next alternative.

Hemorrhoids treatmentThe last but unfortunately often recommended treatment for hemorrhoids is surgically, a hemorrhoidectomy may be conducted another form of surgery could be PPH or stapled hemorrhoidectomy which is a little bit less invasive with a faster recovery period. While statistics show about 80% success rate, surgery is painful and no warranty is given that the hemorrhoids are not coming back. You may have difficulty urinating, as the pain of the surgery makes it hard to relax. Additionally the anal sphincter may be damaged during the operation leading to fecal incontinence. This means loosing the ability to control bowl movements, this may cause the involuntary release of feces and gas.

Hemorrhoids treatment the natural way was the only solution for me after I had to deal with 3 month of chronically inflamed internal and prolapsed hemorrhoids. This was the first time that I had encountered a period that long and even though I initially went to a medical doctor, all traditional treatment did not help the way I expected it.

After intense research and questioning I started a regiment of natural treatments which gave me faster relieve than any of the prescribed medication. There is no miracle cure, nothing what you have built up for month and years will be gone in just a few days, anybody is promising you an overnight miracle is certainly lying. It requires lifestyle changes and persistent application of the remedies even after all pain is gone, you must continue if you want your hemorrhoids treatment to be completely successful.



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