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These are just a few of the many things you must avoid in order to turn the the cycle of your inflamed hemorrhoids in your favor. While not limited to other's, these are the most important ones to prevent further worsening of your symptoms.

Don't eat to many processed foods, they cause your stool to become hard and you will have to strain more during a bowl movement. Most people's lifestyle nowadays allows easy access to processed foods, causing constipation, cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Especially if you have a painful flairup of your hemorrhoids, changing your eating habits in a particular way will give you instant relieve. More details on diet and lifestyle adjustments in our eBook.

Don't use processed creams, this produces the same problems than processed foods. They might give you temporarily relief, but they wont attack the root of the problem at all. Unwanted side effect may occur.

Don't use pain killers unless absolutely necessary. They cause constipation and will increase straining during bowl movement. 

Don't seclude to a "couch potato" lifestyle, long periods of sitting or standing, combined with forceful events like constipation or pregnancy are the perfect environment for hemorrhoids. Allow the blood in you body to flow, by avoiding to sit for more than one hour in the row. A hemorrhoid is an inflamed vein were the flow of blood is interrupted or strangled. Get up and move, stretch so that a healthy blood flow is promoted.

Don't use soap. Why does soap burn in your eyes or causes sometimes skin irritation? Because it has chemically enhanced unhealthy ingredients. Using soap on your bottom will actually increase the irritation of your hemorrhoids and cause more PAIN. Learn about the right form of cleansing and soothing application in our eBook.

Don't use a hemorrhoid cushion. The retail industry is a master in creating useless stuff to sell and make a buck of your pain. A hemorrhoid cushion actually increases the pressure, similar to sitting on the toilet all day. Apply the simple exercises shown in the eBook if you have a job were you have to sit or stand a lot.

Don't try to ignore your hemorrhoids away. The longer you have, even a slight occurrence of hemorrhoids the larger the possibility that they become worse and eventually wont go away with any of the traditional methods or creams. 

Don't succumb to surgery unless your condition is so bad that an emergency operation is necessary. Oftentimes complications occur and there is no guarantee that the hemorrhoids are not coming back.

Similar to machinery which requires constant maintenance to run smoothly, if ignored it will wear out and eventually brake down. The same applies to your body. Don't wait until the pain becomes unbearable before you start treatment.



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